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Fragrance Perfume Sprays for Everything!

Our selection of sprays comes in three varieties: regular spray, dry oil spray and perfume spray. Each one of these selections offers the same scent options; the difference is only in the intensity of the fragrance and its ingredients.

Option 1 - Body Spray
The body spray option offers a wonderfully light and alcohol-free fragrance. By combining only three simple ingredients, we’ve ensured that our body sprays are safe even for sensitive skin. Body sprays contain distilled water, fragrance oil and an emulsifier called polysorbate-20 to help blend the two. Create a body spray that smells like soap or a linen spray that's similar to Bath and Body Works'; these sprays work great in rooms and cars or on sheets, pillows, clothes, shoes and yourself!

Option 2 - Dry Oil Spray
Our dry oil option offers something a bit more fragrant with added moisturizing benefits. This spray is not blended with water but with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, soybean oil and cyclomethicone, which is responsible for the smooth feel behind this spray. Because of its moisturizing properties, this spray is perfect for dry skin and hair.

Option 3 - Perfume Spray
This is our strongest spray option, created with fragrance oil and perfumer’s alcohol, an ingredient used to thin our mixture in order to produce a gentle perfume spray mist. You’ll notice a slight alcohol scent upon first spritz, but this quickly evaporates, leaving only the wonderful fragrance behind.
The duplicate scent perfume sprays you'll create with this option will resemble their original so closely, you won't be able to tell the difference.

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