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amazing grace perfume bedtime bath cananga
Italian bergamot and lemon are sweetened with citron and neroli. A white floral jasmine, orange blossom and rose are blended with sheer musk and cedarwood. Bedtime blend of mandarin, lavender and chamomile, neroli and lily of the valley. Base-notes of hay and musk. Smooth, sensual and slightly sweet floral aroma.
cedarwood citrus lavender deep breath
Earthy and woodsy, a true cedar scent. Uplifting blend of bergamot, cucumber peel and lavender petals. This blend features neroli, sandalwood, cedar, incense, lemon, melon, rose, ylang ylang, vetiver, grapefruit, black pepper and juniper.
dragons blood happiness herbal essence
Has a truly unique, soft, musky and captivating scent. A blended experience of cedar, rose, tonka bean, juniper, citrus and hints of coconut. Green, woody and utterly irresistible with the fragrant essences of herbs and flowers.
hippie dreams icelandic seamoss incense & oud
Patchouli is softened and sweetened with orange and vanilla. This scent is comprised of citrus tonic, Moroccan rosemary, salted algae, oakmoss extract and cedar. Lingering notes of smoldering incense and spice are deepened with oud and white woods.
indigenous jasmine vanilla kismet
This combination of cedar, sage and coriander smells like a purifying walk in the woods after a fresh rain. Calm your body, soul & mind with the aromas of jasmine, vanilla and soft musk. This sixties-style powdery scent begins with fresh notes of sweet orange and lavender closely followed by a sleek woody blend of patchouli, incense and golden amber.
lavender moroccan oil nag champa
Has a soft, herbal and floral scent. Begins with rose and citrus; mid-notes of vanilla and amber and settles beautifully into base-notes of amber and woods. The wonderful aroma of incense; patchouli, sandalwood and dragon's blood work together to create this balancing blend.
Olive Leaf & Fig patchouli patchouli vanilla
An olive branch warmed by Mediterranean sun, with notes of dewy fig leaves, sea mist, cyclamen petals and wild violets. This dark, amber oil has an earthy, exotic scent. The earthy, exotic scent of Patchouli is softened with creamy vanilla.
rice milk & cardamom rose santal sedona spa
Crafted with Indonesian nutmeg seed, whipped Shea, cassia bark, green cardamom pod and Basmati vanilla. Subtle yet beautiful, notes of rose, orange blossom and citrus zest are smoothed by sultry sandalwood and vanilla bean. Native Guiaicwood infused with French sage leaf, hybrid bergamot, black chamomile and Bulgarian lavender.
shampure perfume scent Sleepy Time sun & sand
Soft, sensual blend of orange, eucalyptus, patchouli and ylang ylang. A calming and relaxing blend of Lavender and Marjoram pure essential oils designed specifically to fight insomnia. A beach blanket blend of salt water, sand and suntan lotion.
sweet coralline vanilla flowers vanilla sandalwood
Fresh notes of sea spray, citrus, beach blossoms, sea grass and driftwood. Soft floral top-notes of jasmine and violet; mid-notes of fresh lavender and rose; base-notes of vanilla and wood. The beautiful combination of luscious, rich vanilla and earthy Indian sandalwood.
vanillity vetiver white sage sea salt
Rich florals of jasmine and lily, warm spices with fresh green tones. Amber and musk with sweet creamy vanilla. A strong, sensual blend of vetiver, sandalwood, lemon and rosemary. A blend of fresh sage and sea salt backed by white washed driftwood.