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Fresh & Clean Fragrance Scent Descriptions

There's nothing like diving into a fresh pile of warm laundry on a cool fall day or stepping into a refreshing summer shower with your favorite bar of soap. The comfort of home and cleanliness is something truly special, and now you can experience it anywhere and at any time with our selection of fresh and clean scents.

Browse the list below to find your perfect clean fragrance, then use our main menu to choose from lotions, sprays, soap-scented oils, hair care and so much more. Use the Irish Spring fragrance option to create a perfume or cologne that smells exactly like the Irish Spring you're used to, or be transported instantly with a dove soap fragrance scent for your home, car or body.

From fresh scents like Clean Cotton to various laundry detergent scents including Gain, Snuggle and Downy, we offer everything you'll need to create the warm comfort you crave wherever you are.
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baby clean baby powder breezes and sunshine
Top-notes of granny smith apple, lemon and mint, rounded out with blossoms of spring wildflowers, butterfly violets and honeysuckle. Soft, sweet scent - just like you'd smell on a baby. Top-notes of blood orange blossoms and sea waves; followed by rose, and base-notes of sea lily flowers and woody notes.
camay soap caress soap fragrances clean breeze
The fresh, clean scent of a soapy bar of Camay soap. The fresh, clean scent of a soapy bar of Caress soap. A fruity floral blend of peach, watermelon, neroli and jasmine on a dry down of aquatic notes and musk.
clean cotton clean coast soap
An intoxicatingly fresh scent with just the right combination of citrus, powder and woods. A blend of wildberry, jasmine, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, lime, neroli & rose with violet, lavender, geranium on a white musk base. The fresh, clean scent of a soapy bar of Coast soap.
country clothesline dial soap dove soap
The aroma of fresh powder, light musk and just a hint of daffodil and tulip spring flowers. The fresh, clean scent of a soapy bar of Dial soap. The fresh, clean scent of a soapy bar of Dove soap.
gain laundry fragrance herbal essence irish spring
Fresh water accords pervade the top as beautiful, floral notes come to full bloom. The clean scents of ozone and soft sandalwood enhance this clean fragrance. Green, woody and utterly irresistible with the fragrant essences of herbs and flowers. Smells just like the soap, a masculine and classically clean fresh scent.
Island Fresh ivory soap oceanus
Fresh ozone top notes, followed by greenery, lavender, vanilla, rose, jasmine and melon, with bottom notes of fresh air. The fresh, clean scent of a soapy bar of Ivory soap. A clean, aquatic scent for women and men, starts with water lily; mid-notes are violet, rose, jasmine and lily of the valley; base-notes are musk, berries and sandalwood.
snuggle verbena lemon virgin island water
Begins with top-notes of lily of the valley and violet, leading to balsamic notes, and finishes with base-notes of lavender, gardenia and amber. Fresh verbena notes blended with crisp lemon and orange. Opens with bergamot, lime and mandarin. The heart includes Indian jasmine and hibiscus, ylang-ylang and ginger on a base of sugar cane, musk and white rum.