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Bath & Body Works Fragrances List

If you've ever wanted a duplicate of your favorite Bath & Body Works scent, these fragrances are for you. From fruity blackberry and citrus to soft velvety musk and vanilla, Somethin Special carries a variety of Bath & Body Works duplicate fragrances that smell just like what you're used to.

Let our list of discontinued Bath & Body Works scents revive your favorite wash or lotion, and ensure that it lasts year after year. We carry scents including Black Currant Vanilla, Forever Red and Sweet on Paris. Our Bath & Body Works scents are ordered alphabetically by the name we use here at Somethin Special, click the scent you want for a detailed description and the official Bath & Body Works scent it compares to, if it differs. If you have any questions about any scents you'd like to see added to the list, contact us today!
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beautiful day black currant vanilla black raspberry vanilla
Apples, pear, wildflowers and blonde woods Black currant, lemon, rosemary, pumpkin, vanilla and patchouli Blackberries, raspberries, white florals, musk and vanilla
blackberry amber eucalyptus spearmint exotic coconut
Blackberry, cassis, bergamot and amber Eucalyptus and spearmint Guava, pineapple, currant, coconut, vanilla, Tonka bean, sandalwood and white musk
flowering herbs forever red frosted snowdrop
Garden herbs, lime and lavender Pomegranate, red osmanthus and vanilla rum The aroma of delicate winter flowers with a romantic musk and sandalwood background.
hello sugar jasmine vanilla sweater weather
A tart, lemon sugar scent with a hint of shortbread. Calm your body, soul & mind with the aromas of jasmine, vanilla and soft musk. Citron, cyclamen, amber, ivy, sandalwood,
jasmine and oakmoss
sweet on paris twilight woods twilight woods
The delights of an authentic Paris bakery with sweet notes of blackberry, lemon and buttery vanilla. An enticing blend of citrus zest, cedar, spices, vetiver, white pepper, deep musk and patchouli. Apricot nectar, mimosa petals and Tuscan cypress combine to create this hypnotic fragrance inspired by a romantic walk in enchanted woods.
vanilla bean noel warm vanilla sugar vetiver
A delicious blend of caramel, vanilla, and rich comforting cream. Creamy vanilla, sandalwood and coconut with a hint of musk and amber. A strong, sensual blend of vetiver, sandalwood, lemon and rosemary.