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Fragrant Scented Lotions

At Somethin Special, we love all things moisturizing. That's how we ended up with five different lotion options, including a body soufflé cream and a whipped cream lotion. For more information about the differences between these products, check out our Lotion FAQs page.

Once you've decided on the type of lotion you want to purchase, you'll be able to choose from hundreds of scent options and three fragrance strengths: light, regular or strong. Create a cotton candy scented lotion that's fun and playful, or choose from Lush-like lotion scents like Sex Grenade or Coconut Mania. Due to the nature of these products, we can't make a direct comparison between the original and the duplicate, but we're happy to give you our personal opinion via email.
With our wide selection of scents, you'll be able to create everything from soap-scented creams to lotions that are similar to Bath and Body Works' options. Get started now by choosing a lotion type or browsing this complete list of fragrance descriptions.

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avocado body lotion
Avocado Body Lotion